Blog Disclaimer

Any and all information related to programs of study and/or  view that might be contained on any of LMU’s pages, including those that relate  to LMU’s health-related or legal programs, is provided as information only and  does not constitute a contract or a professional opinion.   All information regarding the LMU-DeBusk  College of Osteopathic medicine or any of LMU’s health professions programs is  provided as a public service and is not intended to be specific medical advice.  Visitors should always discuss their particular situation with an appropriate  academic or medical professional. If you are seeking medical advice or medical  assistance, please consult with your physician.

This website may  contain links to websites that are external to the University. The University is not responsible for content on external websites nor does linking to those sites represent an official  endorsement or approval of the information contained on those sites.

Use of LMU logos, wordmarks, seals, photographs or any other  content found on this site is prohibited without prior written consent of  Lincoln Memorial University.


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