Intimacy and the Trials of Aging

Health problems can put a strain on a marriage at any age. But as we get older, chronic illnesses can make it even tougher to keep the spark alive. Continue reading



We live in a society that freely and unapologetically objectifies women as sex objects. And yet, sex as intercourse is often treated as taboo. We bashfully whisper to friends or anonymously turn to the internet for answers. It’s no wonder so much misinformation about the female body continues to circulate in mainstream consciousness.  As we approach this deemed day of “love”, let us candidly dispel commonly held myths and revel in the blissful truths. Continue reading

Fewer pap smears? Yes, please.

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month and an opportunity to discuss how to protect yourself (and your children) from the effects of HPV and cervical cancer. So, let’s celebrate with fewer pap smears (yes, fewer), and vaccinations for both boys and girls.

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Making the most of your exercise


We exercise for many reasons, but the number one reason for women is to lose weight and be healthy. But are you being effective? Do you really know how many calories you are burning with your exercise routines? Need easier (and less expensive) ways to burn calories that are part of your daily routine rather than slaving away at the gym for 60 minutes? How do you know which exercises are best for you? Which routine most effectively burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time? And how about the best strategy for keeping your motivation?

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My cup runneth over


Has there ever been a part of human anatomy so celebrated as the female breasts? Breasts have been subjects for centuries in art, literature, music, fashion. There are even depictions dating as far back as Egyptian hieroglyphics and the ruins of Pompeii. You cannot turn on the TV, surf the web, go to the grocery store, or even venture outside of the house without seeing someone’s cleavage. And while we see them all the time, what do we really know about our breasts? We will discuss breast cancer later this month, but first let’s just have some breast awareness.

Breasts are quite extraordinary, actually. They are, evolutionarily, the life giving force to our offspring and an important part of our sexuality (and sometimes identity). Continue reading