Had a FIT lately?

Nauseated by the thought of a colonoscopy prep? Colorectal cancer screening is not for the weary. Good news! There’s a new method of screening (FIT) that doesn’t require the traditional quality time in the bathroom (or day off work). Continue reading


Don’t make me laugh

Millions of women, of all ages, are affected by urinary incontinence. And yet, more than half of us suffer silently. Healthcare providers aren’t asking, and we’re not telling.

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Start early to reduce stroke risk

Women are at greater risk for strokes than men, and for the first time women and their doctors have evidence-based guidelines on how to reduce that risk. Continue reading

Fuzzy Math


Know your BMI? Few people do. It’s one number that carries so much weight (pun intended). Does your BMI put you with the more than two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese? Suddenly compelled to get on the multibillion dollar industry weight loss bandwagon? Maybe not. No secrets here, you’ve read it before: eat right, exercise, and count calories. But your calorie tracking tendencies may surprise you, and be keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals.

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