Don’t make me laugh

Millions of women, of all ages, are affected by urinary incontinence. And yet, more than half of us suffer silently. Healthcare providers aren’t asking, and we’re not telling.

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Dreading Day 1

We’ve all been there. Laid up on day one of menstrual flow pondering the need for such torture. Painful cramps that occur with menstruation, is known as dysmenorrhea. It is the most common gynecologic problem in women of all ages and races, and one of the most common causes of pelvic pain. Continue reading

Peau d’orange

Renaissance oil paintings depicted voluptuous women baring their all, cellulite included. The word itself was coined in the 1920s by French doctors, and began appearing in English language publications in the late 1960s, with the earliest reference in Vogue magazine in 1968.  By the late 1970s, cellulite was well-known in women’s circles. But in the medical community is was “so-called cellulite: an invented disease.” Today, whether cellulite is a real disease or only a disturbing aesthetic issue is still a matter of controversy. But make no mistake, whether in England, a mattress pad; France, an orange peel; or America, cottage cheese – cellulite certainly exists (pathological or not). Continue reading

Good Cholesterol?

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women (more than all forms of cancers combined). In addition to maintaining a health weight through diet and exercise, your cholesterol levels are also important.  But not all cholesterol is created equal. Continue reading

Making the most of your exercise


We exercise for many reasons, but the number one reason for women is to lose weight and be healthy. But are you being effective? Do you really know how many calories you are burning with your exercise routines? Need easier (and less expensive) ways to burn calories that are part of your daily routine rather than slaving away at the gym for 60 minutes? How do you know which exercises are best for you? Which routine most effectively burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time? And how about the best strategy for keeping your motivation?

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