Sweet Nectar of Life

Breastfeeding. It’s all around us, from the pages of Glamour magazine and storming social media, to the age-old paintings on the walls of the Louvre Museum in Paris. These days you can’t seem to get away from the subject. As National Breastfeeding Month comes to a close, it is imperative that people not only see the trendy side of breastfeeding, but also appreciate the science behind it.

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My cup runneth over


Has there ever been a part of human anatomy so celebrated as the female breasts? Breasts have been subjects for centuries in art, literature, music, fashion. There are even depictions dating as far back as Egyptian hieroglyphics and the ruins of Pompeii. You cannot turn on the TV, surf the web, go to the grocery store, or even venture outside of the house without seeing someone’s cleavage. And while we see them all the time, what do we really know about our breasts? We will discuss breast cancer later this month, but first let’s just have some breast awareness.

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