Labor Day

New evidence and guidelines for laboring women: Women who are considered to have low-risk pregnancies should be allowed to spend more time in labor, to reduce the risk of having an unnecessary C-section. Continue reading


Don’t make me laugh

Millions of women, of all ages, are affected by urinary incontinence. And yet, more than half of us suffer silently. Healthcare providers aren’t asking, and we’re not telling.

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Dreading Day 1

We’ve all been there. Laid up on day one of menstrual flow pondering the need for such torture. Painful cramps that occur with menstruation, is known as dysmenorrhea. It is the most common gynecologic problem in women of all ages and races, and one of the most common causes of pelvic pain. Continue reading

Fewer pap smears? Yes, please.

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month and an opportunity to discuss how to protect yourself (and your children) from the effects of HPV and cervical cancer. So, let’s celebrate with fewer pap smears (yes, fewer), and vaccinations for both boys and girls.

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‘Tis the season


‘Tis the season for procreation, apparently.  Conception rates reach their annual peak in December, with about 9 percent of all conceptions in the United States occurring … now.  Why?  There are several theories out there, but studies show that more than twice as many condoms are sold in the week before Christmas which strongly suggests an acute increase in sexual activity with holiday festivities.  Suddenly contemplating your contraceptive options?

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